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If anyone just read the headlines last year, he or she would assume that professional sports were just populated with violent athletes and misguided coaches. He or she may have overlooked the film—The Game Stands Tall—released during that summer. It was a true story about young athletes, with dedicated coaches, at De La Salle High School who overcame disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain academic and athletic success. The main high school student profiled in the film—Cameron Colvin—is continuing to strive, as a successful businessman in Phoenix, Arizona.

Colvin was born in Pittsburg, California, thirty minutes from San Francisco. He had all the circumstances others use to excuse failure. His father died when he was very young, and his mother, when he was a sophomore in high school. His best friend, Terrance Kelly, was shot and killed the day before he and Colvin were supposed to leave for college.

Colvin broke his ankle while in senior year of college, before the draft. Such tragedies could have broken many men. “The losses made me more resilient,” Colvin says.

The movie documents the De La Salle Spartan’s 151-game winning streak, Coach Bob Ladouceur’s successful tenure with the team, and Colvin’s ordeals. Colvin went onto to University or Oregon, which had a good football program and an excellent business curriculum. He was able to return home when he signed with the San Francisco 49ers. He moved to Arizona to rehabilitate an ankle he injured in the NFL. Colvin’s mother’s dying advice was “Get your Education you’ll be fine.” Colvin has always been an outstanding student athlete, being on the honor roll in high school, lettering all four years in college.

Adding his advertising corporation Cam-Colvin Inc. in 2008, he also added Rise Above Enterprises, as a networking hub. He has been very successful in real estate, as well, and is currently working on a $250 million lifestyle entertainment venue in North Scottsdale. Colvin, also, contributes to communities; he is a major sponsor of the Arizona nonprofit Linking Sports & Communities. Colvin is quick to point out that he is grateful to others—whether it be his mother or mentors, like Jerry Olivarias from Marvel Comics—for their contributions to his success. He is confident, but humble, with a passion for helping kids. Cameron Colvin is the kind of professional sports role model about whom we should be hearing more.