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Alongside with business development and project management, Cam also pairs with a number of partnered brands and organizations, in product endorsement and event hosting, Parallel to creating platforms for business expansions, Cam's endorsements has opened doors for various brands and organizations to further connect with one another, as well as with their audiences.


HANDS OF RESPECT Community Liaison-- As a  business inspiration for years, it is truly honor for Cam to be designated as the liaison to athletes across the world for the new Campaign "Hands of Respect". Hands of Respect gears towards bridging the gap between law enforcement and communities across the country. Amazing night in Las Vegas, where Stan Lee--the creator of Spider Man and Marvel Comics, received the key to the city.

“This is an intensely personal project of mine,” said Lee, “and it is my hope that the RESPECT pin spreads into the general culture and becomes a symbol that builds bridges in communications, encourages conversation and brings together and inspires us to RESPECT one another in dialogue and actions. The goal is to get a “Hands of Respect” pin to every law enforcement officer and ultimately in the hands of every person, in our country. In the process, community members of all ages will get involved in the movement,”  -Stan Lee   -

REAL WATER Sponsorship-- "The Power of Hydration" Campaign, a mission to educate youth about the importance of hydration and options of quality water. Within this campaign Cameron looks forward to hosting numerous promotional events, including youth athletic camps, exclusive pop up shops, demos, and much more.