Developing a High End Lifestyle Concept that is the future of entrepreneurship. Our mission is to create a platform to empower the future leaders of our world by creating a network of business opportunities that will give independent business owners the proper guidance to fulfill their dreams as entrepreneurs.

Rise Above Enterprises will become a world-wide leader in entertainment lifestyle venue development by providing consumers with lifestyle experiences through shopping, dining and elite entertainment events from all genres that serve all ages.


As the newest sector of Rise Above Enterprises, RACS is a full service marketing agency that specializes in helping clients maximize their business potential by allowing them to focus on their strengths and priorities while outsourcing their marketing.

“Being Behind The Longest Winning Streak in Sports History, Has Shown How to Build A Champion Business Team”

Cameron Colvin CEO--In 2009 he became the CEO of his own Corporation CamColvin Inc. Now CamCo Commercial. Developing an umbrella of businesses and partnerships valued from 35M to 1 Billion plus to date. .. In 2013 he led and directed raising capital for a luxury boutique hotel chain, as well as commercial real estate developments of his own.

CamCo Commercial Inc.: The future of entrepreneurship--His vision is to create a platform to empower the future leaders of our world by creating a network of businesses and business opportunities that will provide employment for thousands of people around the world.

Cam is also founder and CEO of Rise Above Development LLC, a premier business development and marketing enterprise. Rise Above aggressively assists client to break through any barriers to bring their product or service contributions to customers globally. He is surrounded by a seasoned staff and Board of Advisory with the background, contacts and expertise to make business a success. With International business ties, Rise Above’s focus is on real estate, oil, mining, tech, financial and startups.