Cameron Colvin Launches motivational book series

“The Power of Daily Affirmations” is Vol. 2 of Cameron Colvin’s NEVER STOP book series, following Vol. 1: The 12 Principles of Success. NEVER STOP is a series of books, written by Cameron to provide insight and tips from his journey to success. The Power of Daily Affirmations may be pocketsize, but is definitely a huge force geared to inspire readers, foster positive thinking and self-empowerment. Vol. 2 encourages readers to dig deep within and unleash their inner greatness to become successful. It provides a breakdown for implementing self-power and focus in everyday routines. Trials and tribulations may cause some to miss life’s small lessons. This book may serve as a success guide to every breakthrough!

“As a former professional football player and National Football League Players Association lifetime alumni, you understand the importance of working with the community and especially youth in presenting a positive message and being a role model. I look forward to working with you and bringing the sports community, law enforcement and communities together in Respect and Unity. I want to thank you for your passion and for being a real life superhero! Excelsior!”

–Stan Lee ( Creator of MARVEL Comics )

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